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Thank you for visiting and supporting this dream of Altimese Nichole and Nicole Mercedes! Co-founders Nichole and Nicole have been friends since childhood. Together, they have grown into adulthood, attended colleges, and journeyed into marriage and motherhood as true friends, evolving into a sisterhood.

Venturing into business as a team was not only a dream, but a vision realized by their husbands and greatest supporters.

The Mission of NicholeNicole:

As women, we tend to give so much to our significant others, children, jobs, friends, and family-- completely forgetting that we matter too. Our goal is to encourage every women to be fearless in her own skin, and look FABULOUS while doing it!

When we look good, we feel good.

When we feel good, we walk with confidence.

When we walk with confidence, our loved ones notice the difference in our energy and it becomes a magnet for more positive energy.

When we have positive energy surrounding our lives, we begin to believe that through life we’re unstoppable.

Beautiful women, let’s become fearless and FABULOUS!

Shop NicholeNicole Boutique- Affordable Fashions for the Amazingly Fabulous!

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