Why Shop with a Boutique

Ever wonder the difference between a boutique and a traditional store? What's up with the higher price point and limited selection?

Here are some key differences (and perks) of shopping with a boutique, whether online or in-store.

You find unique pieces and styles.

With traditional larger stores, there are corporate buyers who approve a style sheet that guides massive bulk orders of the items sold. There's very little personalization to individuals and mostly caters to the masses.

For most boutiques, owners work with vendors directly to hand pick the items provided. These direct relationships allows for more style personalization and selection choice.

YOU are the motivation for every style choice and option.

As boutique owners, everything chosen in the store is with you in mind. Yes, YOU! It takes a lot of research (along with trial and error) to find pieces that our customers would love.

Boutiques are often birthed from passion.

Unlike a massive department store with stakeholders that have required revenue goals for share holders, boutiques are the manifestation of someone's dreams. Boutiques are accountable to the customers they serve.

For NicholeNicole Boutique, Nichole and Nicole's vision is to help women look and feel fabulous as they go after their dreams, while taking care of their families and themselves fearlessly.

Shop local and gain a personal stylist through shopping with #NicholeNicole! Check out the latest Fall styles and get your favorites before they're gone!

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