Behind the Brand of NicholeNicole Boutique

There are a lot of online boutiques for women to choose from when shopping. So, what makes NicholeNicole unique?

The NicholeNicole brand is fueled by dreams and two childhood friends-- Altimese Nichole and Nicole Mercedes. Altimese and Nicole have grown together into adulthood and womanhood. Although the walks of life are different, the journeys continued to be parallel and intertwined. They both had a deep love for fashion and a deeper love for helping women discover their beauty within.

Although products sold are clothing, the NicholeNichole Boutique is founded on inspiration and passion for every women to be fabulous in their lives.

NicholeNicole strives to show every woman that its okay to invest in herself, love herself, and give that love to all of those around her. Fabulous clothing is one demonstration of this investment.

When we look good, we feel good, and when we feel good we walk in the world with a level of confidence and love that others benefit from around us!

So, walk into this New Year looking good and feeling good! YOU deserve it!!!


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