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On December 11, 2017, my life changed forever. My husband and I welcomed a baby girl into the world! She's absolutely perfect!

During the pregnancy, I was determined to stay stylish and comfortable at the same time. As a boutique owner, I had an amazing opportunity to test out our mission for NicholeNicole Boutique: to provide great clothing for all women regardless of where they are in life.

The result: I'd say we're pretty spot on (thank goodness, right)! While pregnant, I was able to wear many of our pieces during all three trimesters! Crazy but true. I refused to purchase actual maternity clothing because in my mind, it's only 9 months of my life-- so I was so grateful for the boutique and the comfortable clothing that I can still wear postpartum!

Here are some of our pieces that can easily transition into maternity clothing-- and then back into your everyday style!

My all-time favorite was my baby shower dress, our Floral One Shoulder Dress. I received so many compliments on it and SURPRISE!! It wasn't considered a maternity dress but since our clothing is very stretchy and comfortably fitting, the dress was absolutely perfect!!

Are you expecting or know someone who is pregnant yet want to still look great during their glowing trimesters? Seriously consider NicholeNicole's collection!! It wont disappoint and you can wow all of your friends!

Have questions about any of the pieces? Seriously... reach out to me directly and I will answer any questions you have!!

@AltimeseNichole (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter)

Happy shopping, beautiful!


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