Feeling good starts on the inside

Researchers have also discovered that of the roughly 60% of people that make New Year's Resolutions, only 8% are successful. So we've put together a list on how to make manageable changes to reach your optimal goals.

1) Define Your 'Why'

What is fueling your desire to become a better you? Is it for your family, is it for your healthy or are you tired of not being able to fit into any of your clothes? You will revisit your why throughout your journey for motivation and inspiration to keep pushing.

2) Define what 'get healthy' means

If you want to exercise more, make sure you quantify your goals. I want to exercise 3 times per week for 30 minutes or if you're into running, go from couch potato to 5K. There are a massive amount of apps that can help you track and stick to your goals including; MyFitnessPal, MapMyFitness, LoseIT.

3) Tell your family and friends your goals

When you tell people your plans, you are more likely to stick with them to avoid disappointment and failure. Family and friends are also great supporters and want to see you succeed.

4) Keep a journal

Keep a journal throughout your journey and write down your success and failures to give you something to look back on. Don't look at your failures as a setback, rather an opportunity to do better and reward yourself for your successes.

5) Make a Checklist

Lastly, keep a checklist of your progress so you can see you how far you have come and use that as motivation to continue moving forward

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Stay committed to you because you're important too. Meanwhile, stay fabulous doing it.

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